Galery Achtendertig

Galery Achtendertig is an initiative of Harry and Kia de Leeuw. From 2018 we want to make an exhibition with another artist 3 or 4 times a year. We offer the artist the opportunity to exhibit alone or together with Harry de Leeuw.


Current exhibition:

14 Novembre 2019 until May 2020 Harry de Leeuw 


Upcoming exhibition:

May 2020, Frank Dekkers, oil on canvas, and Harry de Leeuw


Past exhibitions

5 Octobre untill 9 Novembre 2019 Rolf Weijburg etches and Harry de Leeuw

11 May untill 9 June 2019 Reinder Homan etches and Harry de Leeuw

22 Septembre t/m 21 Octobre 2018, Karin Elfrink, oilpaintings and indian ink drawings and Harry de Leeuw

26 May t/m 30 June 2018 duo Ton de Laat, aquarelles and etchings and Harry de Leeuw

17 February 2018 t/m 10 March 2018 duo with Chuck Baker, Fotografie, and Harry de Leeuw