Galery Achtendertig

Galery Achtendertig is an initiative of Harry and Kia de Leeuw. From 2018 we want to make twice  a year an exhibition with another artist in combination with the artwork of Harry de Leeuw


Upcoming exhibition:

June 1 2024, Hans Bionda, Leon Mommersteeg and Harry de Leeuw


Past exhibitions

september 16 till october 15 2023 Petra Tolboom and Harry de Leeuw

6 May until 11June 2023, Hans van Liempt,  collage and Harry de Leeuw

8 October until 12 November 2022, Frank Dekkers, oil on canvas and Harry de Leeuw

7 May until 11 June Kris Spinhoven and  Harry de Leeuw

4 septmbre until 9 0ktobre 2021 Bram Stoof and Harry de Leeuw

5 Octobre until 9 Novembre 2019 Rolf Weijburg etches and Harry de Leeuw

11 May untill 9 June 2019 Reinder Homan etches and Harry de Leeuw

22 Septembre until 21 October 2018, Karin Elfrink, oilpaintings and indian ink drawings and Harry de Leeuw

26 May until 30 June 2018 duo Ton de Laat, aquarelles and etchings and Harry de Leeuw

17 February 2018until  10 March 2018 duo with Chuck Baker, Fotografie, and Harry de Leeuw